I came across a fascinating article this week, and I thought it might interest some of you.

It turns out, those images you share and the groups you join on Facebook are collecting your information.


The more people who join groups – like those picture sharing groups everyone loves so much – the more names that can be later sold to a marketing company, who then uses your information for evil.

For example:

A single person will start a photo sharing group about cats. In six weeks, 50,000 people join and share the content from this group. The single person who started the group will then be targeted by marketing groups who want to either steal their readership or buy it. Now, those 50,000 who joined the group or shared a photo are subjected to targeted ads and the person who started the group, if they are smart, has sold it for upwards of thirty thousand dollars.

Not bad for six or ten weeks of work, right?


Now what happens is the people who bought that group – or stole it, through nefarious methods – will target you, the Facebook user. You will be subjected to ads, at the very least, and hacking attempts, at the very worst. Many of you are probably operating with a hacked Facebook account as we speak, and you have no idea, because the easiest thing for a hacker to do is allow you to keep control and keep posting, so it takes as little work as possible to keep the account active. Then, they can take over whenever they want.

So the next time you see an image come up on your feed and you want to hit “share”, make sure it’s from a reputable source, and don’t join groups haphazardly!