I’ve had my Toshiba Satellite A660 for almost two years. It’s a great machine – very fast, great speakers, awesome keyboard. I love just about everything to do with this machine, except for two small problems:

It overheats constantly.


There’s a terrible buzzing noise that happens if the laptop is jostled while media is playing.


I can sometimes solve the overheating issue by removing the battery while the machine is plugged in, but often, it will freeze and require a reboot. This is especially frustrating when I’m in the middle of something. To anyone that does coding, this can be disastrous, because you don’t always save every little snippet of code you’re working with – often, I keep bits and pieces in an untitled Notepad document or just in my clipboard.

I’m planning to get my laptop cleaned out to see if that helps the issue.

The buzzing noise I’ve actually managed to solve on my own.


What was happening was really weird. I’d be watching YouTube or playing media from my hard drive, and the computer would suddenly halt, and this awful noise would come from the speakers. After it was stable, everything would go back to normal and the video would continue playing like nothing had happened. It freaked me out every single time it happened. I thought I’d hurt my computer.

It turns out this is a built-in feature.

Toshiba includes an HDD Protection feature that can be found in the Control Panel. You have to be viewing your Control Panel as a category page, rather than individual items. Click on Hardware and Sound, and then Toshiba HDD Protection.

Disable the feature. Play a YouTube video. Shake your laptop a little.

Problem solved!


I can’t be held accountable if disabling this feature is bad for your laptop. I’ve already replaced the hard drive in my A660 once, and I’ll probably have to do it again, but the awful buzzing noise is, for the moment, silenced. I’m really happy about that.

I hope this helps those of you suffering from the same issue. I know it’s taken me almost two years to find the solution, probably because I was searching the wrong terms. To me, it sounded like a grinding noise, or a digital scream. As soon as I started looking up “buzzing noises”, I got some better results.

To those of you suffering with the same issue, I wish I could help. If your laptop makes a clicking noise, please back up your important data because it’s possible the hard drive is failing. If your laptop is still under warranty, speak directly with Toshiba about the problem.

If your laptop is beyond the warranty period, I would consider posting something on their Facebook page. They failed to assist me, but perhaps you will get lucky. Unfortunately, that’s the best I can do to help!


Note: I’d like to add that as of 2016, I have officially retired my Toshiba laptop. I’ve given my business to a company that makes high quality products for a reasonable price, and will never purchase another Toshiba product again. If you’re experiencing these same issues, I recommend you do the same.