Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I am here today to discuss the overwhelmingly poor decisions Netflix has been making as of late.

When I first discovered Netflix, it was a DVD membership library. You logged into the site, hit a few buttons, and like magic, new movies and tv episodes were delivered right to your door. It was an incredible time to be alive.

A few years later, I signed up for the Netflix streaming service. Even more magic! You simply logged into the site and you were greeted with hundreds of possibilities. If you felt like action, comedy, romance, fantasy – there was no more waiting for the right mood to watch your selection; instead, the selection was there no matter what your mood.

I have had this Netflix account for several years. I’ve watched the navigation become horrible and confusing. I’ve watched your app environments change from device to device, and now if I pause for more than a moment on any given title it starts autoplaying trailers I don’t want to see. There is no way to turn that off. Why is there no way to turn that off? Why am I seeing or hearing (or downloading) something when I didn’t click on anything?

These days, Netflix Original content is shoved in my face every which way. The rating system is total garbage, and your recommendation algorithm is mostly broken, or you’re cheating and making every recommendation about serving your own agenda, and not about my preferences in media.

I’ve loved Netflix for fifteen years, and faithfully paid my membership fee every month of those fifteen years, through myriad accounts. Breakups happen. Ownership of accounts change hands. But I have never been without a Netflix account of some kind in all that time. I cheerfully accepted the fee increase. “Of course!” I said. “Happy to be on the team.”

In this time, I’ve fallen in love with shows like Orange is the New Black, Sense8, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Orange is the New Black has turned into something less interesting and more targeted toward the wine-drinking soccer mom set. Sense8 was cancelled. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt gets more ridiculous and irritating with every episode.

Today, I am considering closing my account. Many people on social media are making comments about doing the same thing. Your original content easily justifies the cost of the account, but it is not good enough to justify the irritation. I don’t want to see stand-up comedy. I don’t want to see reality tv. I have no interest in Bollywood cinema. I don’t even have kids.

I want the option of hiding content I’m not interested in seeing. I know what I like, and your constant badgering won’t change that. I want the option to turn off the instant trailers. I want the quality of programming to go up, not down. I want How it’s Made back.

I cannot imagine how a beloved content provider goes from ground-breaking to.. this. Disappointing. Aggrevating. Boring. Pushy.

And don’t even get me started on your flip-flopping on the issue of Net Neutrality. Let me spell it out for you – Net Neutrality good, corporate greed bad. Your reputation is at stake here, so get with the program. Get back to what made you great. Get back to being for the customer.

Thank you.