About Me

I’m a designer in my thirties. Until recently, I had a day job, but I opted to go back to freelance work. It’s going to take some time to build my portfolio back up, but I’m looking forward to the challenge.

I have twenty years experience in my field. All of my sites are built in WordPress, using professionally created themes customized for your purposes.

All of my sites are mobile responsive, contain dynamic image presentation, animation, lightbox display, social media integration, optional multimedia presentation, and moderate SEO (search engine optimization) already built in. I can also offer advice on social media networking, blogging and promotion, both online and offline, and free stock imagery.

In my off hours, I like to go fishing (weather permitting), read, listen to music, and go to the gym. I’m an avid knitter, and a bit of a movie buff.

You can review my blog posts to see what I’ve been writing about lately.

I really love what I do, and I think it shows. If you are looking for someone pleasant, funny, hard-working, and just all around delightful in every way, hire Mary Poppins.

(No, no, I’m kidding – that’s totally me.)

Ready to see some of my work?